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Muscat, Oman          2017
Architecture – Engineering – Landscape


The ALPS Hotel Muscat is a 125-room, 4 star hotel situated not too far from the sea, yet disadvantageously behind a gas station. To over shadow the gas station, the building was set back atop a podium that carries the swimming pool deck and ample green space with large trees. This allowed the rooms on the first few floors to view the 'oasis' podium, and the upper floors to have better framed views of the sea. As the budget was a restrictive factor from the beginning, the structure was developed over a simple 8 x 8 m grid that allowed for optimized construction costs, suiting a double room bay, and providing comfortable circulation and use of space. The design, overseen from Concept through to Construction Documents and Interior Design, streamlined the requirements of the owner, hotel operator and maintained a sensitivity to functionality, practicality and flexibility of use.

ALPS Hotel Muscat

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