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Cairo, Egypt          2009
Architecture – Engineering – Landscape – Planning


The competition called for entries propose a development concept for a 92 hectare plot of land with naturally existing dramatic topography. The large valley houses a small lake of fluctuating water level, a result of runoff water within the Mokattam Mountains. The design proposed a multifunctional sports and social club consisting of 13 separate buildings well integrated with the existing terrain to minimize cut and fill. The orientation and design of each structure capitalizes on passive cooling and minimizes solar gains. Internal circulation relies solely on pedestrian and cycling infrastructure as well as en electric monorail. A closed water system allowed for the stabilization of the lake water levels, and complete recycling of black and grey water to irrigate the vast expanses of green space, in addition to 250,000 square meters of adjacent green areas.

The proposal was developed in collaboration with London based Buro Happold Engineers.

Kattameya Valley Competition

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